#TwitteratiChallenge – The Importance of Being Passionate

Last Saturday David Patterson (@DP40days) very kindly (and to my mind, bafflingly – I do after all put the “witter” into “Twitter”) nominated me for the #TwitteratiChallenge, along with much more deserved nominees @mrsbolado, @mdrechsler, @GTCSVikki and @EddieKayshun.

It’s actually a great idea: share your favourite educators, so others can decide whether to follow them and they in turn give all of us interesting new people to follow. So I decided to take up the challenge. And it was a challenge because I follow so many fantastic and fascinating people, that limiting it to 5 was unbelievably hard.

Before I reveal my five nominees, here are the Rules:

  1. You cannot knowingly include someone you work with in real life.
  2. You cannot list somebody that has already been named if you are already made aware of them being listed on #TwitteratiChallenge
  3. You will need to copy and paste the title of this blog post and (the Rules and What To Do) information into your own blog post.

What To Do?

  1. Put up your own nominations within 7 days
  2. Write up your blog post, listing the people you choose and why; 
  3. Include a photo or a video of yourself raising a glass of your favourite tipple.

So here’s a picture of me raising something effervescent, cool and white. I promise you things start to get much better from here….

My nominees reflect my interest in education, which spans HE and FE, nationally and internationally. If I had to think of what all my nominees share in common, the word “passion” comes to mind. Their passion for what they do shines through their tweets and that’s why I love following them. Enjoy them: they are all stars in their own way.

1. @MikeHopkinsFE

Mike’s passion for what he does is evident in everything he tweets. He lives and breathes what FE is about: aspiration, opportunity, social justice. He’s brutal about policy failings as he sees them and it’s great to have people like him speaking out for a sector often overlooked by our governmental overlords. He also has the capacity to be brutal when it comes to my beloved Liverpool

but I will forgive him that.

2. @157Lynne

You know that thing I just said about standing up for FE and how important it is? Well that’s what Lynne has done most of her working life and what she does brilliantly (if a little too infrequently if I were to be perfectly honest) on Twitter. She’s insightful, persuasive and very, very charming. A delight.

3. @mikehamlyn

Mike writes some of the most thoughtful, measured blogs about how universities are adapting and changing given the very many changes hitting the HE sector. I find them really interesting and informative, adding a deep sectoral dimension to developments that I see primarily from a legal perspective.

4. @registrarism

I can just see Paul scoffing at my description of him as passionate. Witty, sardonic and able to skewer a bonkers or poorly thought-through idea in seconds is much more his style than effusive or angry. But the energy he brings to his analysis of the HE sector developments (both the serious and the silly ones) is wonderful and infectious. He’s why I joined Twitter, and for that you can either thank or complain to him!

5. @meetasengupta

Meeta writes on education issues primarily in India, the place of my birth, and a country where education at all levels is still in a developmental stage. It’s fascinating following her, both for her education insights, and also for the wonderful picture of Delhi life her tweets convey.

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