HSE to do unannounced visits to construction sites in September 2013

In a national clampdown on construction site safety, the HSE has recently publicised that it will be visiting sites where repair or refurbishment projects are being carried out.
Work at height, welfare facilities, and exposure to dust are highlighted as areas in which the authorities could be interested, but this is by no means an exhaustive list.
Even though fewer people were killed in construction in 2012/2013, HSE has reported that an estimated 70,000 construction workers currently suffer ill health relating to their work.
There are currently thousands of renovation and construction projects going on all over the country in higher and further education, and the race is on before the beginning of the next academic year.
But rather than scaremongering, we should say that of course the glass is half full… This is a great opportunity for estates managers to check that safe systems of work are being employed and that refurbishment projects on campus are planned and underway with safety at the forefront. Communicate the press release to your colleagues, and even if you are not the subject of a visit, you might be responsible for preventing an injury.
A copy of the full HSE press release (see page 12) can be found here.
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    I think it is a really good thing that there are going to be some unannounced checks. Although the laws are there it is important to make sure that they are being implemented and that the proper equipment is being used and the correct processes are being followed.

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